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Stylist Aprons

teeze w/ eez

Got Flat Hair....Need a Lift? 

From Flat to Fabulous!

Use It... Sell It... LOVE IT!

*One stroke is like multiple strokes due to the multiple Anti Static Stainless steel pin design.

  1. *Back comb in one fourth of the time and have a smooth finish to comb back through.

  2. *Ergonomic designed handle provides a comfortable, natural grip to decrease hand & wrist fatigue.

  3. * The pick end allows one to lift and separate segments of hair for easy and fluid teasing.

Take It as High as you like , or a little lift to unleash the glam’ inside of you!


Buy 12 for $13/each

Get FREE Display



Stylist Aprons

Stylist Aprons

iTECH 4-Brush Set

Boar & Nylon Bristles. Nylon grips the hair without tangling, while the board bristle gives added shine.

$49 (Includes Magnetic Display)

teeze w/ eez TM to GO
                                                From Flat to Fabulous!
              Use It... Sell It... Love It!

NEW teeze w/ eez to GO


Little Tease!
Compact Styler

*An innovative teasing tool that is just too busy being SEXY!
*Cute in size BIG on style.
*It can be popped into your bag & be ready in a New York minute to restyle hair in seconds.
*Great for an extreme UPDO or just for a little lift to unleash the glam' inside of you

Green, Teez w/ eez To Go Blue, Teez w/ eez To Go
Pink, Teez w/ eez To Go Black, Teez w/ eez To Go
Teez w/ Eez ToGo Display

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